A Gate to the New World_

APLX is_

an AR-based PR/exhibition/SNS platform.





convey information and explanations of the exhibited works in a fun way and get feedback.


check effective promotion functions and feedback through fun and emotional content.


communicate with fans/customers/users through promotional materials or goods in the AR world.


See how your users experience AR world in realtime

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APLX is different_


Expand your user experience.

Easy to access

No need to install any apps.

On & On

Stay in touch with your users.

APLX History

APLX has been applied twice for a painting exhibition.

AR Exhibition

You can enjoy various AR effects and leave feedback by projecting the exhibited arts on your smartphone.

AR Card

By projecting goods such as postcards on your smartphone, you can appreciate the AR effect and communicate with the artist continuously.

AR Guide

By applying APLX to posters, invitations, and guide cards, you can deliver news and information in a more fun and rich way.

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